Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Growing Up :(

I cannot believe William is old enough for me to be posting this, but we went and got his hair cut last weekend. How sad. He looks like a little man now. I was able to hold back my tears until I was in the car, thank you very much. I was quite proud of myself. He actually did really well, he didn't cry or anything. I wouldn't say he LOVED it, but he didn't freak out. He kept trying to turn his head to see what was going on behind him (especially when she was using the electric shaver) but he didn't get scared or anything. My brave little man. :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Play Dates

So we had a little play date with our friends and their daughter, Ivana. She's about 6-7 weeks older than William but much more mobile! She walks everywhere! This is a picture of the kids when Ivana gave William a hug. As you can tell, he's thrilled/terrified. I told him that this is just the beginning of a lifetime of being afraid of women. He should just get used to it. :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The early days of William

I was looking through some of the pictures Ryan took of William in the early days. Ah, the days of no sleep, no time to eat, lucky-if-we-got-a-shower, just-glad-we-haven't-broken-him-yet, exhaustion. William is 3 weeks old in this picture. We had just started supplementing with formula because my supply was way down, and he loved it! Poor thing had been hungry for 2 weeks, so he was thrilled to finally be full! He had this little formula goatee and just gave us this perfect smile. As difficult as that time was, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love you monkey.

William's first Halloween

This was William's first Halloween. I will post pictures of him in his costume shortly. Halloween was pretty hectic this year, as I'm sure all of our holidays will be now that William is here. I had to work that day, so between 5pm and 8pm I had to cram in dinner, William's dinner, helping Ryan set up his Halloween display (which was never seen because we had ZERO trick-or-treaters), visiting my grandma so she could see William's costume, bath time, and then bed time. It was quite a day, that's for sure.

Poor William didn't feel all that great on Halloween, either. He was still battling the ever-present ear infection so he was a little fussy and tired (hence the tired eyes). Anyway, here's a picture of him playing that afternoon with Ryan. Costume pics to come!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sir William the Teether is actually Sir William with the Infected Ears

Ha, so I'm the worst parent ever. Well, probably not EVER, I mean what about that woman that drowned her children in Texas? That was pretty bad parenting. Still, I'm not the best. Apparently what I was passing off as teething was actually an ear infection. This poor kid, born to lazy parents. It's a shame, really.

So the elusive Dr. B (our pediatrician) gave us some antibiotics that have made him feel 100% better, but the lovely side effects are killing me. Here's a warning: antibiotics = most disgusting diaper changes of your life. Dear. God. Thank GOD there's only 5 more days to go on these drugs because wow.

Anyway, not a whole lot else to report these days. My great-grandma isn't doing well right now. We're planning a 95th birthday shindig for her on the 22nd, but hospice is being called in so I'm not sure she's going to make it to that birthday. She's led quite a life and she's been pretty out of it for a while now, so hopefully she'll go peacefully. That's all I can hope for now. Please keep her in your prayers.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sir William the Teether

William is 8 months old. Practically a grown-up, really. At least he seems to think so. He's a pretty independent little guy for someone who can't dress himself, feed himself, or go poopy in the big boy toilet. So it's been interesting these last few days since he's been, what I assume to be, teething. He's very needy and wants to be cuddled constantly. Now, I am not complaining. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a cuddler. I prefer spooning, really, but that's a topic for another day. So while I love that my son wants my constant attention and I am getting the opportunity to dote on him and baby him, I hate that his pain and discomfort is what's bringing on this change. It's frustrating to see him hurting and not be able to just wave a wand (yes, I would love a wand) and fix it for him. I feel very helpless and I hate that feeling.

Teething must be one of God's little jokes. Why would he make teething hurt? Who would want to hurt a baby? I mean, seriously. What's next, strangle some puppies for fun? Honestly!


This is a blog about the everyday, mundane existence that is my life. I don't mean to imply that it's bad, or even boring, just kind of routine. Here is a little info to catch you up on things thus far:
My wonderful husband, Ryan, and I met in January, 2001. We clicked practically immediately and have been inseparable ever since. He's lovely.

In December 2002, he proposed. On bended knee. Cute, huh?

April 3, 2004, we were married in Bakersfield, CA. Again, lovely.

In September 2004 we decided to throw caution to the wind and stop using BC (birth control). We weren't trying to have a baby, we just weren't trying to stop it. So naive were we. :)

In January 2007 I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Disappointing but good to know that there was a reason and a treatment. I began taking medication.

On Father's Day 2007 we found out we were pregnant. Yay! Our due date was February 22, 2008.

On February 21, 2008, our beautiful son, William Henry, was born.

So there you are. That should catch you up on how we got to this point.